A Friend, Gone too Soon.

Photo Via Death To Stock Photo

Photo Via Death To Stock Photo

Taken too soon. Sunday morning I received a text message from a friend of mine asking if I had heard about another friend of ours, that she had passed away and did I know anything about it. My heart clenched. I didn’t know specifically but I knew that several years ago she had been sick. I had thought she had gotten better, in fact the last time I had seen her, the first year I lived in New York, she was better and was moving back to the West Coast to be closer to her family. Somehow, with none of us knowing, she must have fallen ill again and passed away Friday morning. I immediately went onto Facebook, our new way of communicating news both good and bad and there it was, written in black and white. She was gone. I knew she hadn’t shared with many people the first time she had been ill and there was no mention on her Facebook page this time either until someone posted about her death.

She was a quiet and beautiful person, an amazing artist whose creations took my breath away on a regular basis. She was a phenomenal educator who combined art and education in ways I can only dream about. I wish I had stayed in better touch with her. I wish I had known that she was ill again. But she made the choice that she wasn’t going on social media about this and I respect that. We utilize social media as a way to keep people connected to what’s going on in our lives and it’s always a surprise to learn when someone chooses not to share information. We’ve become so reliant on Facebook and Twitter that we’ve stopped connecting one on one with people. What does this say about us? What does this say about our society that if it’s not posted for the world to see, it slips through the cracks.

Is there someone in your life who has made a profound, if subtle, impact on your life but yet you haven’t spoken to in awhile? If so, reach out to them today. Let them know that you’re thinking about them. Let them know you care and you want to keep in touch. Don’t let the time pass by, don’t wait to see if they post on social media. Don’t wait to hear information second-hand from others. In the meantime, I will remember and honor my friend, quietly, in my own way-perhaps I will create something in her honor, in the ways that she’s inspired me.


  1. Joyce Fried says:

    My Dear Rachel:
    This blog was written from the heart. I wish I could take your pain away. You are too young to have to experience this kind of loss. Hang in there but keep writing from the heart.
    Aunt Joyce

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope your heart heals, but that you never forget a moment of the time spent together. Sending you positive thoughts. <3 You're inspired me to reconnect with old friends.

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