Accountability Partners and Life Coaching

So when I was living in Los Angeles from 2006-08, I was involved with a super awesome book group (I am still trying to replicate it but have yet to succeed-Portland peeps-if you are interested in a book club, let me know!)  One of the women in the group had done a few life coach groups and I immediately jumped onto the idea.

There were about seven of us in the group plus the coach and we meet weekly at her apartment.  It was all women I knew, primarily a bunch that i was in graduate school with and others that I worked with.  It was one of the best group of women I’ve ever had the chance to spend time with.

We worked through all sorts of things but one of the first items we did was pick an accountability partner in our groups.  We then made a list of 100 things we wanted to accomplish in our lifetimes in a journal.  I’ve often gone back to look at this list and I really should start crossing off the things I’ve done.

From that list of 100, we put them into large goal buckets.  We then made short term goals based on these buckets.  So I had one for health/weight loss, spiritual, creativity, etc.  From that, I picked three or four goals I wanted to work on for a two month period or so.  We then wrote those in our journals.

Each week we would pick two or three goals based on the SMART goals model (see below) and write them on a circle sticker (like the type you use for garage sales).  At the end of the week, if we accomplished our goals we put them into our journals next to the goal.

At the end of two month period we then awarded ourselves with merit badges (similar to girl scouts!).

So SMART goals as a mnemonic to help set up the way you look at goals:





T-time bound

Lately I’ve felt that I’ve needed the accountability again that I had during that time period so I’ve decided to start with an accountability partner-a good friend of mine in Los Angeles and we will meet every Friday morning via g-chat to see where we are.

I am also going to blog about these goals on an ongoing basis so even more accountability!  If this is something you are interested in, let me know and maybe we can create a link-up or some sort of meet-up to work on goals as a group!

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