Snacks Abound!

Graze Box


So I have discovered the most awesome snackie snack delivery system.  I read about it on a blog–I’m not going to lie. . . I can’t remember which blog it was. . . but it was a free snack box so I thought I’d give it a try.  It’s super yummy!

Graze Box


So it comes in a little box with four different snack items:

Pizza Graze a pizza graze

flapjack a fruit and seed flapjack graze

jelly donut a jelly doughnut graze

Cookies and Cream a cookies and cream graze

So far I’ve only tried the jelly doughnut and it was super yummy with raspberry fruit leather bits in it.  Originally I was just going to do the sample box and then get rid of it but for now I think I am going to keep getting them every two weeks for now.

Here’s a code to try it out:

You will get your first box free and if you stick with it, you will also get the fifth one free!

NOTE: I am paying for this and just thought it was super cool so I wanted to share.

Local Living: Google City Experts Cooking Class

So I found recently if you write 50 or more reviews on Google then you become a Google City Expert.  AND if you are a Google City Expert you get to go to super cool events!  Last Tuesday was one of these events.  The first 25 people who responded to the email had the amazing opportunity (with a guest!) to take a cooking class at Portland’s Culinary Workshop.  I took my mom as my plus one and we learned all sorts of awesome recipes and got to eat a great meal with some pretty cool peeps I am now friends with on Google+ (which I still don’t totally understand but am attempting to understand better!)

The menu for the evening was stuffed pork loin (stuffed chicken for us non pork eaters) kale salad with a lemony dressing, duchess potatoes (pronounced doochay-who knew!) and an apple-pear-cranberry crumble.

Google City Experts


The very first thing we learned was how to actually use a knife.  I’ve cut a fair amount of things in my day but turns out I was cutting all wrong!  Your pointer finger should actually be guiding the knife on top and you should get a callous on the side of your middle finger.

We prepped the inside part of the pork/chicken by sautéing onions, garlic and mushrooms and then mixing that with hazelnuts and blue cheese–yum.  The trick to good kale is massaging that kale down down down.  Duchess potatoes?  Use a pastry bag to squeeze them onto the cookie sheet!  I didn’t do so hot with that but my mom rocked it. . . and crumble, butter and nuts and sugar, oh my!

Duchess Potatoes


I am definitely heading back there for another cooking/eating session!

And on the topic of eating. . . check out the blog that I am co-posting with a bunch of bloggy friends: Blog to Taste.  You’ll get awesome recipes and some good old-fashioned Portland, Oregon charm!

Pursuing Pinterest: Salmon Skewers

Over the summer, I was trying to get into a good place with cooking and actually utilizing the recipes I found through blogging and Pinterest. My mom and I decided to start with Salmon Skewers with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce from the Sprouted Kitchen.

I am going to call this a roaring success.  It was fun to make and everyone ate it and would be willing to eat it again.

Salmon Skewers


Probably the one big thing I would do different is to have the fishmonger pre-cube the salmon because that ended up being a pain in the butt.

Have you tried this recipe or similar ones?  What did you think?