Books ‘n’ Bloggers Swap

I know, it’s a busy week but another swap reveal! I LOVE Chaotic Goddess Swaps and I can now retire from these swaps because I have been with both founders of Chaotic Goddess Swaps! In my first swap, I was paired with Beth of Living a Goddess Life and this time I was paired with Miss Chaos, Angie of My So-Called Chaos (of course I won’t retire because I have too much fun!)

Anyway, on with the reveal!

2014-06-30 17.10.02

Lots of fun goodies!


The books:

  • Jeneration X which is from my wishlist!
  • Her which oddly enough, is on one of my lists and I had listened to a segment on NPR that morning about!
  • A book she loves: The Between Boyfriends Book-definitely where I am right now!

And not only that, she packed the box with all sorts of goodies!


I absolutely love the little coffee stitched pouch-I put teas in it and put it in my purse! The flowers is the cutest Polaroid picture note card and I love the Mary Engelbreight stationary!


Thanks, Miss Angie for a delightful package!

Foodie Penpals Reveal!


Yay! Time for another reveal. I participated for the second month in a row Food Penpals through The Lean Green Bean. This month I got paired with two awesome ladies. Generally speaking you only are paired with one awesome person but the first person I emailed didn’t respond within the 72 hour time frame so I was reassigned but then I did receive an email back so I decided to send to both of them and therefore got two awesome boxes!

First up is Ronda, from South Carolina! She writes at Kitchen Dreaming, check it out for some awesome recipes!


I am so ready to head out to South Carolina! Fried peanuts, peach jelly and a local cookie she made called Bennies that she sent the recipe for. Yum!

Next up is Nicole, from SoCal-an area I know well, having lived there throughout my life and constantly visiting.

NicoleAmong the local products, she sent California raisins (anyone remember the California Raisins from the ’80’s and 90’s? Are they still around?) and almonds from her uncle’s farm North of Los Angeles, how cool is that! She also sent Herbs D’Provence which I love using on chicken and haven’t had any for awhile!

Want to get in on the fun next month?

Here’s some details about FPP in case you want to join in for July:

-On the 5th of every month, you will receive your penpal pairing via email. It will be your responsibility to contact your penpal and get their mailing address and any other information you might need like allergies or dietary restrictions.
-You will have until the 15th of the month to put your box of goodies in the mail. On the last day of the month, you will post about the goodies you received from your penpal! 
-The boxes are to be filled with fun foodie things, local food items or even homemade treats! The spending limit is $15. The box must also include something written. 
-Foodie Penpals is open to blog readers as well as bloggers. 
-Foodie Penplas is open to US, Canadian & European residents.  Please note, Canadian Residents will be paired with other Canadians only. Same with Europeans.  

If you’re from the US or Canada and are in participating for March, please CLICK HERE to fill out the participation form and read the terms and conditions. 

You must submit your information by July 4th as pairings will be emailed on July 5th!

Who knows? Maybe you’ll get an awesome box of Oregon goodies from me!

Pretty Little Beauty Swap Reveal


Coming home to packages is always fun and this weekend, when I came home Sunday from San Francisco, I had several packages waiting for me including my Pretty Little Beauty Swap package! This month I was paired with the delightful Cassie from Southeast by Midwest.  Cassie was delightful (although for some reason her email didn’t like me and kept throwing me into spam!) But it worked out and we had a great exchange!

2014-06-22 16.15.58

I loved that I felt like I was getting a beauty package in the mail with the paper and tissue! We had a discussion about masks and healthy products so it was nice to receive several of those!

2014-06-22 16.16.252014-06-22 16.16.34

I think it was in middle school/late elementary school that Freeman products were huge-I remember using their shampoos and masks all the time! It’s literally been years since I’ve seen their products so I am super excited to try out their products now!

2014-06-22 16.16.52

I’m always on the lookout for a good mascara so I’m excited to try this one out and see how good it is. I’ve started only using mascara on my upper lashes in the hopes that I get less clumping throughout the day. Any suggestions for this one?

2014-06-22 16.17.00


I’ve never seen or heard of sea terra but I love the smell of rose so I’m excited to try this out and see how it works.

2014-06-22 16.16.16


I’ve been wanting to try out Julep forever now so I am super excited to be able to see what I think before I make the plunge into buying a subscription box!


Thanks Cassie for the awesome treats! To see what I sent her, go check out her blog!


Swap! Mug O’Comfort

Mug O’Comfort Swap!  This was the first swap I participated in about a year ago and is still one of my favorite ones!  This time I was paired up with the lovely Jessica from Living La Vida Holoka.  First of all, how awesome is her blog name, right??

I had a super time shopping for Ms. Jessica and you will have to scoot over to her blog to see what I got her.

I was so thrilled with the awesome box she sent me!


How pretty is everything wrapped!? I totally failed with wrapping this time but hopefully will do better!


Super cute card with a lovely note!


Yum! I love Trader Joe’s! And I love spearmint and lemongrass!


I can’t wait to try this out on BBQ or in baked goods. . . something I’ve never seen before!


I love hot chocolate and can’t wait for a cold day to try this out!  Hopefully before next winter!

And the best, best piece!!!!!



My New York tunnel mug!  I cannot wait to start using it! I love the fact that I’ve been in all of these tunnels!

Thank you, Jessica, for such an awesome package!  Make sure you check out Chaotic Goddess Swaps for the next awesome



Literary Junkies Linkup!

***Contains Affiliate Links***

Pink Heels Pink Truck

Super excited for one of my favorite linkups!  Here we go:

1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it!
I’m currently reading The Aviator’s Wife: A Novel for a Meetup book club I’m participating in.  I love it! I’ve loved other books that take history and real people and then tries to delve in deeper to what these people were thinking. I’ve been surprised a number of times about the things I’m learning about Charles and Anne Lindburgh and I definitely recommend this book-in fact it was on my list before it was selected as a book for the month!

2. What was your favorite series to read when you were a kid?
Oh so many!  I was a huge reader forever.  Here are a few of them:
The Babysitters Club
Sweet Valley High
Boxcar Children

3. The world is ending: What 3 books do you save from your collection in hopes to contribute to whatever new society forms?
Such an awesome question!
Hmm, the first book I would take is Exodus by Leon Uris because it gives a great background on survival of a new country and what it takes to overcome adversity.
The second book would be As a Driven Leaf by Milton Steinberg.  It tells about Judaism during the Rabbinic period which really shapes a lot of the way that we practice modern Judaism.
Finally, Much Ado About Nothing (Folger Shakespeare Library) because you have to have some Shakespeare and it’s one of his funnier ones.

4. What is your favorite genre to read? Why?
I’m a pretty non-discriminate reader but really love fiction and chick lit.  I like that it takes me away from my current life but is still realistic and plausible-for the most part!

5. If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
I actually had the name of my book picked out when I was in High School!  I was living in Israel and wanted to write about the experience.  The book is called: Through the Eyes of the Youth

6. What is next on your “to-read” list? Tell us about it!
The Perfume Collector: A Novel by Katherine Tessaro.  Here’s what Goodreads says:

“An inheritance from a mysterious stranger . . .
An abandoned perfume shop on the Left Bank of Paris . . .
And three exquisite perfumes that hold a memory . . . and a secret

London, 1955: Grace Monroe is a fortunate young woman. Despite her sheltered upbringing in Oxford, her recent marriage has thrust her into the heart of London’s most refined and ambitious social circles. However, playing the role of the sophisticated socialite her husband would like her to be doesn’t come easily to her—and perhaps never will.

Then one evening a letter arrives from France that will change everything. Grace has received an inheritance. There’s only one problem: she has never heard of her benefactor, the mysterious Eva d’Orsey.

So begins a journey that takes Grace to Paris in search of Eva. There, in a long-abandoned perfume shop on the Left Bank, she discovers the seductive world of perfumers and their muses, and a surprising, complex love story. Told by invoking the three distinctive perfumes she inspired, Eva d’Orsey’s story weaves through the decades, from 1920s New York to Monte Carlo, Paris, and London.

But these three perfumes hold secrets. And as Eva’s past and Grace’s future intersect, Grace realizes she must choose between the life she thinks she should live and the person she is truly meant to be.

Illuminating the lives and challenging times of two fascinating women,The Perfume Collector weaves a haunting, imaginative, and beautifully written tale filled with passion and possibility, heartbreak and hope”

It’s already downloaded in my nook, I just need to find time to read it!

Again, I love this linkup!  Take a look at what other people are reading!

Pretty Little Beauty Swap Linkup


I always love me a good swap and was excited this past month to participate in three of them.  One of them was new to me, the Pretty Little Beauty Swap hosted by Southern Beauty Guide, Sleepy Single Girl, and Hair Spray and High Heels.

This was definitely a fun one and one that I plan to participate in again!  I was paired with the awesome Arielle from Beauty By Arielle and was treated to a whole array of awesome beauty products all packaged in this makeup bag that I can’t wait to start using:


I love that there are two zippers and pouches to put things in, I think I am going to use this on the regular in my purse instead of the three or four makeup bags I have floating around.



I received an Olay face washer that I am going to use next time I travel as it’s airline safe and I hate checking baggage.



I am a sucker for a good mask, especially during a hot bath so I can’t wait to use this one.  I think I’ve received similar masks in my Birch Box and have enjoyed them so it’s a win!



This is an eyeshadow and I like that it’s a neutral color so I can totally use it as a base for any eyeshadows I use on top of it, I like having a base eyeshadow on underneath and Arielle raved about it so can’t wait to put it to good use.



I always love a good nail polish and will probably use this for pedicures this summer.



A great eyeshadow palette that will be put to great use.



I love that she included her business card!  I love the colors and how simple it is!  I think there’s another Beauty Swap opening soon so keep an eye out for that!  This was a fun one and a great way to exchange some products that we all have!



52 Lists // Week Six // List The Ways In Which You Can Love Others

Week 6

52 Lists-Week 5-What Are You Grateful For?

52 Lists Week 5


From Moorea Seal–my 52 lists weekly week 5!

What Are You Grateful For?

  • My parents
  • My friends
  • My health
  • Access to health care
  • Reproductive freedom
  • My family
  • Freedom of press
  • Freedom to practice my religion
  • Clean water
  • Housing
  • The ability to learn
  • The ability to enjoy snow from a safe, warm place
  • Air conditioners
  • Driving/my car
  • Those I love and those who love me

52 Lists and my website works again!

First off, thank you to my biffle for fixing my website!  Adsense was being silly and she made it work again so go her!

She and I are also in the middle of a #bicoastaljuicecleanse.  Just started day three of five and so far, so good!

52 List

Moorea Seal has been doing a #52weeks list since the beginning of the year (and probably last year too and before that!)  And I’ve been tagging along but I keep forgetting to look at it the day she does it but today I did!  You can’t really read it so I will type it out below but this weeks list, week four//list your current and future goals & dreams.

I’ve got a lot floating around so I just picked a few for now:

1.  Reach goal weight
2.  Write a novel
3.  Get married and have a family
4.  Travel
5.  Attend Alt Summit
6.  Be a successful blogger
7.  Find a book club
8.  Pay off debt
9.  Own a house
10.  Plant a garden
11.  Be true to me
12.  Nurture friendships
13.  Be healthy
14.  Be flexible
15.  Find my faith

Lots to work on and I feel that I am working to make good progress this year!