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I have a pretty awesome group of blogging friends here in Portland and we’ve banded together to create a group cooking blog together.  Check it out and today check out my Pursuing Pinterest recipe on Mascarpone Brownies, super yum and super easy!

I’ll be back next week with some brand new content and thoughts on the new year!

Pursuing Pinterest: Salmon Skewers

Over the summer, I was trying to get into a good place with cooking and actually utilizing the recipes I found through blogging and Pinterest. My mom and I decided to start with Salmon Skewers with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce from the Sprouted Kitchen.

I am going to call this a roaring success.  It was fun to make and everyone ate it and would be willing to eat it again.

Salmon Skewers


Probably the one big thing I would do different is to have the fishmonger pre-cube the salmon because that ended up being a pain in the butt.

Have you tried this recipe or similar ones?  What did you think?