July Birchbox

I know, I know, it’s August and I’m just now getting up my Birch Box up from July.  Let’s say I had a great birthday last week and continued the celebration :).

Sadly this was the last month that my mom was getting the Birch Box, I had given her a three month subscription for her birthday and mother’s day but she’s decided not to continue on.  Also, she got hers several days before I got mine so we had two separate openings.

Her box arrived first:

July Birch Box  July Birch Box


This month’s theme was Suits which I didn’t quite get but ok.

July Birch Box  July Birch Box

Cute hair clips!  Cute mom!  She also got a perfume sample which she liked the smell of.

July Birch Box

My birch box arrived later in the week.

I was excited that it didn’t include perfume samples because I don’t love those.  I also loved the fact that I got the same hair clips as my  mom–super cute and super useful!

July Birch Box  July Birch Box


Love the hair clips, not sure about the curl keeper.  I tried it and it didn’t seem to do much for my curls.

July Birch Box  July Birch Box


I haven’t had a chance to use the bright trio and I’m not a fan of CC creams so not sure what I’m going to do about that.

July Birch Box


I haven’t tried this yet.

So honestly, I started getting Ipsy bag (I’ll post about my first one soon) and I liked the items much better and for the same price, I might stop Birch Box for a bit.  I’m also trying out Brit + Co which is crafting stuff.  So I might change it up.

I purchase these every month.  If you are interested in Birch Box, please use my link so I can earn points!  Birch Box link :)


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  1. Love these types of boxes. I kind of want to do the Bark Box for my puppy baby.

  2. I canceled my birchbox sub a few months back…this is making me reconsider! :)

  3. If you don’t even want to try the CC cream, you can always put it in a future swap box. ;)
    So many curl products, in my experience, contain alcohol in one form or another, which dries out and frizzes curls instead of helping them be awesome. If your curls are tight and dry, I recommend Hair Milk. If they’re loose (like mine) and spiraled, I recommend DevaCurl products. I’m curious to see what Ipsy’s like!

  4. Melissa Valdez says:

    Wow hadn’t heard about Brit and co till this post! It’s awesome! Can’t wait to send ya your cara box!

    • I haven’t gotten my Brit and Co box yet but I am super excited to receive it and post about AND I can’t wait for Cara Box, both to receive and send!!!!

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