12 Days of Christmas Swap


Sorry being a little MIA this week-along with most of the blogging world!  My bestie flew in from New York on Tuesday and my aunt and uncle on Thursday so we’ve been doing all sorts of fun things but definitely look forward to some cool restaurant reviews coming up as well as some other fun January things to read.

I participated in another amazing Chaotic Goddess Swap (I love these swaps!) and was paired with the phenomenal Ashley from A Cute Angle.  Even though I don’t actually celebrate Christmas, it was still fun (and a new experience for me!) to open a present leading up to Christmas.  Here are the amazingly cool stuff I got:

12days of christmas


Day 1: Chocolate!

Day 2: Lip therapy and hand cream.  I’ve been using both all the time.

Day 3: Tea and a coffee sleeve that I’ve gotten so many compliments on

Day 4: Hand sanitizer and nail polish

Day 5: Snow flake Ice cube tray

Day 6: Notepad

Day 7: Foot cream that I’ve been using every night

Day 8: Slipper socks that are super warm and also on my feet while I sleep

Day 9: Lip exfoliator–lots of fun to use

Day 10: a wine sippy cup!

Day 10: A Sophia Kinsella book I haven’t read yet.

Thanks, Ashley for the super cool stuff and I look forward to the next swap!