Goals Check-In

Juice Cleanse

I’ve been doing a pretty good job of sticking with my goals so far.  If you recall, I set nine larger goals and and now chunked them to smaller goals.

Here’s what I’m working on this week:

Maintain and Retain Friendships
-Talk to the biffle once time
-Attend a friend’s birthday party on Friday evening

Repair a relationships
-Call this person one time
-Text them twice this week

Create More
-Attend an art class this week

Create Blog Consistency
-Attend a blog conference
-Blog three times
-Mail books for book blog swap

Continue to lose weight and feel healthy
-Workout 4 times
-Juice fast for 5 days
-Yoga 2x this week
-Finish my water bottle 3 times

Pay down bills
-Pay off one medical bill
-Make a payment of $100 towards a surgery bill

So these are my goals for the week of January 24th-31st.   What are some of your goals this week?  Here’s to a great week!!

My Goals For This Year


So I mentioned last week that I was going to start working with an accountability partner to really work on goal setting and accomplishing these goals.  I spent a long time trying to find my journal with my original list of 100 items I wanted to accomplish but to no avail.  My partner found her journal and found that she had accomplished ten of the original sixty some she had set.  I can’t wait to find mine–probably after I move and empty out my boxes–and see how many I’ve accomplished.

In the meantime, I decided to purchase a journal called 2014 Create Your Amazing Year-Life Edition Workbook and Planner from Leonie Dawson.  It was relatively inexpensive and I was psyched to find one of the sections was about creating a list of 100 things to do this year.  I’ve been slowly adding to this and am at 60 so far.  There was also a section on saying goodbye to 2013 and then about goals in different areas of my life.

From this I crafted 9 large goals for the year:

1.  Maintain and retain friendships

2.  Repair a broken relationship

3.  Work on a book/novel

4.  Create More

5.  Create Blog Consistency

6.  Find one full-time or no more than 2 part-time jobs

7.  Continue to lose weight and feel healthy

8.  Pay down debt and begin savings

9.  Become involved in a long-term committed relationship

I hope that by not only setting smaller goals and working with my amazing accountability partner, but by also publicly posting them on my blog, I will be able to really work hard to accomplish these goals.

My plan is to set smaller SMART goals each week.  Not every week will consist of accomplishing something for each of the larger goals, but to work on 3-4 per week.  I’m not sure if I will post weekly or monthly about my goals on the blog but I will definitely devote some of my blog to holding myself accountable for these goals.

How do you set goals?  How do you plan to accomplish them this year?