Snacks Abound!

Graze Box


So I have discovered the most awesome snackie snack delivery system.  I read about it on a blog–I’m not going to lie. . . I can’t remember which blog it was. . . but it was a free snack box so I thought I’d give it a try.  It’s super yummy!

Graze Box


So it comes in a little box with four different snack items:

Pizza Graze a pizza graze

flapjack a fruit and seed flapjack graze

jelly donut a jelly doughnut graze

Cookies and Cream a cookies and cream graze

So far I’ve only tried the jelly doughnut and it was super yummy with raspberry fruit leather bits in it.  Originally I was just going to do the sample box and then get rid of it but for now I think I am going to keep getting them every two weeks for now.

Here’s a code to try it out:

You will get your first box free and if you stick with it, you will also get the fifth one free!

NOTE: I am paying for this and just thought it was super cool so I wanted to share.