Foodie Fridays: Quick ‘n’ Easy Quiche Recipe



I have a friend at work who has chickens. This is something I aspire to have because seriously, what’s better than fresh eggs?! Well she was nice enough to give me a dozen eggs a few weeks ago and I wanted to make something to spotlight the eggs so I decided to make a quiche.

Beautiful Fresh Eggs

Well the biffle has a fabulous quiche recipe that we made a few times when I was living in New York and so I sent her a message asking for that recipe. Of course it’s a recipe that lives in her head, like the best recipes so she wrote out the best she could and sent it back to me.



Hers was a basic recipe that you could add whatever you wished to it. I decided to make it a smoked salmon quiche. So I headed to my local grocery store, New Seasons, which if you live in the Portland area, should be a regular shopping place for you, and picked up all the necessary ingredients.


Ahhh cheese, glorious cheese. I did a mixture of emmentaler swiss and gruyere cheese, heavy on the swiss with an accent of gruyere.

Then I separated the eggs.

IMG_3295 Egg Separating





I used the try and true mechanism of my fingers :) lots of fun!



Then I added heavy cream and cheese in with the yolks.



Beat the egg whites to a froth.

salmon and crust


I cheated here because I’ve never made a pie crust so I bought a pre-made one. But I layered the salmon on top of the crust.  I then mixed the egg whites with the creamy, cheesy yumminess.

Pre Cooked


Ready to go into the oven!

Fresh out of the oven


Delicious quiche!!

So here are the basic instructions from the biffle:

“You can do whatever veggies you want but water-y veggies are bad. If you use frozen veggies make sure they are totally thawed and you’ve squeezed excess water out. I normally do it with frozen spinach, which works well, but it must be thawed, cold, and no extra water.

separate 5-6 eggs. Mix cheese, egg yolks, salt, pepper, the veggies together. You’re going to need to put in heavy cream (1-2 cups) – it’s hard to know how much, I just judge my consistency which needs to be loose but not watery. You beat the egg whites until they are fluffy, then fold them into the other mixture until it’s blended. Then dump it in the shells (I used pre-made), and bake for 45 min or so at 350 degrees. I always check after a half hour, sometimes they go fast.

Sorry, this is a recipe in my head, so it’s hard to write it out! If you put in meat, I recommend putting a thin layer of mixture, then laying in the meat, then putting more mixture on top. Most recipes says to put it on the bottom but it can burn or make the crust soggy there.

Separating the eggs, in my opinion, really does make a difference and is worth it.”

Do you have a favorite egg recipe that you want to share? I’m looking for good ones!


Foodie Fridays: ABC Kitchen

Way back also in February (it was a busy month!) we went to ABC Kitchen.  Jen had been talking up ABC Kitchen for a long time-it’s near her work and it’s apparently the restaurant the celebrity chefs go to (see my post on Elizabeth Falkner).   Jen has had a reputation of picking very cute restaurants with not so great food but with this restaurant and Beauty and Essex, she’s redeemed herself greatly!

Jen at ABC Kitchen entrance

Jen at ABC Kitchen entrance

The restaurant is very beautifully designed, straight to the entrance.  It’s also attached to a store which has an eclectic arrangement of furniture, jewelry, housewares and other stuff.

ABC Kitchen Collage

The one inconsistency was that the music didn’t seem to fit with the decor.  But the food more than made up for that!

We started with drinks.  Jen and I had a blood orange Bellini:

Blood Orange Bellinis

“A real panty dropper”-Jen as she enjoyed her second.

Russell enjoyed a Sour Cherry Old Fashioned and didn’t seem quite as excited as Jen but still enjoyed it.

We then shared several appetizers: line caught tuna sashimi with fresh ginger and mint,  housemade ricotta yogurt with apple compote, roasted beets with homemade yogurt, wood oven roasted sunchokes hazelnuts and herbs, roasted kabocha squash toast with fresh ricotta and apple cider vinegar and roasted butternut squash with goat cheese, hazelnuts and spicy onions:

ABC Appetizers

I personally found the squash with the spicy onions too spicy for my taste but loved the kabocha squash and the sashimi.

For our main courses Jen and I split a burger and Russell had the ricotta ravioli.  It was all very good:

Cheeseburger with rosemary herbed mayo

Ricotta Ravioli


We then split desserts:

Red Wine Poached Pear with housemade gianduja ganache and hazelnut ice cream

Red Wine Poached Pear with housemade gianduja ganache and hazelnut ice cream

Honey Cheesecake Tart with grapefruit candied kumquats, meyer lemon buttermilk and blood orange sorbet

Honey Cheesecake Tart with grapefruit candied kumquats, meyer lemon buttermilk and blood orange sorbet

Sundae with salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts and popcorn with chocolate sauce

Sundae with salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts and popcorn with chocolate sauce

All the desserts were delicious but I was completely in love with the sundae-the salty and sweet was AMAZING!

And one final shot of glamorous Jen looking super hot:

Glamour Jen

The food was definitely wonderful-Jen has redeemed herself in restaurant findings!



Meeting a Culinary Idol

On Monday night I went out to dinner with my usual crew, Jen and Russell.  We went to ABC Kitchen-an amazing restaurant that I will blog about later on.  I was busy taking pictures of the beautiful tableware and the interesting elements of the restaurant when Jen and Russell started poking at me.  Seated at the next table over was my personal culinary idol, Elizabeth Falkner.

For those of you who don’t know, Falkner, has competed on a variety of cooking shows including Top ChefThe Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef: Redemption.  It was during The Next Iron Chef where she came in second to Geoffrey Zakarian that I fell in love with her.  I was devastated to learn that she had restaurants open but only in the Bay Area.  Imagine my thrill when she was on Iron Chef: Redemption (which she was sadly thrown off way too quickly) and I discovered she was opening a restaurant in Brooklyn.  It is high on my list to go to Krescendo, a southern Italian influenced restaurant, although I’ve not gotten the chance to go yet.

I was completely star-struck seeing her and tried to get a picture of her by taking a picture of Jen:

A picture of Jen with Elizabeth Falkner in the background!

A picture of Jen with Elizabeth Falkner in the background!

So clearly that picture didn’t work so well.  Well at a certain point the person she was with left to go to the bathroom or something and I went over and told her what a big fan I was.  Jen came over and took a picture of the two of us.  I told her that I had yet to go to her restaurant but that I really wanted to and that I was blogging and writing about restaurants that I went to.

Me with Elizabeth Falkner

Me with Elizabeth Falkner

Jen did a fabulous job of taking a picture and afterwards, as she was leaving, Elizabeth came over and gave me her card.  I am not generally star-struck by meeting famous people, I also tend to be somewhat oblivious-I’ve only noticed famous people when there is a big crowd (for example I saw Jessica Alba once at a Starbucks in New York but really only because the paparazzi was following her) but Elizabeth Falkner is really someone I admire and feel that she has a unique talent that I would like to emulate.  I hope one day I am half of the amazing and creative chef she is!  She was very gracious and sweet and I very much look forward to eating at her restaurant in the very near future.