Goals Check-In

Juice Cleanse

I’ve been doing a pretty good job of sticking with my goals so far.  If you recall, I set nine larger goals and and now chunked them to smaller goals.

Here’s what I’m working on this week:

Maintain and Retain Friendships
-Talk to the biffle once time
-Attend a friend’s birthday party on Friday evening

Repair a relationships
-Call this person one time
-Text them twice this week

Create More
-Attend an art class this week

Create Blog Consistency
-Attend a blog conference
-Blog three times
-Mail books for book blog swap

Continue to lose weight and feel healthy
-Workout 4 times
-Juice fast for 5 days
-Yoga 2x this week
-Finish my water bottle 3 times

Pay down bills
-Pay off one medical bill
-Make a payment of $100 towards a surgery bill

So these are my goals for the week of January 24th-31st.   What are some of your goals this week?  Here’s to a great week!!