Monthly Box: Cell Phone Case of the Month

As everyone knows, I love subscription boxes.  The newest one I’ve signed up for is Phone Case of the Month.  Basically every month you get a new cell phone case.  Its $10.00 a month and the cases are super cute.  The first one I got is a brightly colored case with yellows and oranges:

Iphone CaseIphone Case


You can also download a free wallpaper of the same image.  They only make like 200 a month so you get a super personalized one.  The case actually fits perfectly on my brand new iPhone 5S and I look forward to new, fun covers every month.

If you are interested in trying this out, you can use the following link to get the first month for $5.00:

Do you love phone cases as much as I do?

I subscribed to this on my own with my own money and just think it’s pretty snazzy!