A Night Out on the Town

I am super excited to go out tonight with my awesome friend Melissa for a night on the town.  We are planning to go to Bamboo Sushi for dinner, Salt and Straw for dessert and then go to a book event at New Renaissance Book Store.  I’m super excited to go hear Alexandra Franzen (bit.ly/50-ways-pdx-if you are interested in seeing what I’m doing!).

I love getting dressed up for fun and I feel like since I’ve hit 30, I’ve been so much more on the ball about wearing makeup and taking pride in how I look.  I recently got my haircut and also received a fun makeup kit (http://studiogearcosmetics.com/shop/eye-make-up/holiday-smokey-eye-palette/) that I’m super excited to try out for tonight.

It was actually perfect timing that my holiday sample arrived today.

Studio Gear Makeup

I love it because it’s all fun holiday colors:

Studio Gear Makeup

The one on the bottom left looks super dark in this picture but it’s more of a charcoal gray with sparkles and the blush in the middle is more of a pink than a peach.  I am an idiot with makeup and so I was super grateful that there was a guide on how to put on the makeup on the cover of the kit.

Studio Gear Makeup


Although I didn’t have all the brushes that were listed in there-I definitely need to work on my brush content!  I think I did a good job of going from this:

Makeunder to this: Makeover

The makeup kit was very easy to use and the colors are great for even non-holiday time. This was my first time using Studio Gear and I am definitely a fan and will use it again in the near future!

I know I still have a lot to learn about how to properly put on makeup but I am definitely enjoying the process and I really do feel good when I go out wearing makeup and I know that I will have super fun and feel photo-worthy tonight!

I was so lucky to be given this opportunity through Brandbacker and was sent the makeup palate to try.  All opinions here are my own.

I’m also excited to offer a discount for you guys:

Reader Discount: 10% Off
Reader Discount Code: SGHOLIDAY

This is awesome because you can use it on this really cool palate that I got as well as other stuff! Here is the link to their website and specifically to what I used today.



June Birchbox

So it may be the first of July but I still haven’t posted my June Birchbox stuff.  Well this time not only are you going to get to see mine, you’re going to see what my mother got as well!

I gave my mother a three month subscription for her birthday/mother’s day and I was here for the second of the boxes.  It was a lot of fun to open them together and also be ablet o trade some stuff.  So without further ado:

June Birchbox      June Birchbox

So much fun to see two pink boxes instead of one!

June Birchbox    June Birchbox


The top one is my mom’s and the bottom one is mine.

Now for the products:


June Birchbox This was in my mom’s box and it’s a matchbox full of mini filers.  Since she totally used and destroyed the last one I got from Birchbox, we split this box.  I love them.  I love the fun colored polka dots and the teeny size of them.  I keep mine next to my bed and anytime I’m feeling the urge to file, I just grab one!


June BirchboxAlso mom, not sure if she’s had a chance to use them.






June Birchbox Rein in Spain.  I took this because she got a similar reddish polish in her box last month.  I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.




June Birchbox Also in mom’s box, but I had this last month and loved the cucumbery smell and it kept me from getting burned.






June BirchboxAlso in mom’s box, also something I got last month.  I totally might steal this when I finish mine.  It’s an Australian lipgloss and the color is perfection and just a great punch of moisturizer. Love love love!




June BirchboxSo Birchbox was rebranded this month and the theme was wandering.  I loved these postcards that came and think they would look cute framed in an office or bathroom.  Super cute, don’t want to mail them!




June BirchboxThis was in my box, I love a good mask and haven’t had chance to try it yet but am looking forward to it.




June BirchboxAlso in my box.  I liked the subtle mint smell and the moisture but the color was a bit bright for me.  I might give this to my mom.  She can rock the brighter colors better than I can.



June BirchboxI do love Origins products- I’m using that brand for my under eye cream right now.  I traded this with my mom for one of her things.




June BirchboxLondon Calling.  I like the minty color.  My first attempt at putting this on was unsuccessful but I do like the color so I will try again.





June BirchboxGood scent but overall bored with all the perfume samples so I gave this to my mom.




So, I think between the two of us it was a good haul.  I look forward to our shared boxes next month!

I subscribe and pay to this monthly service and have been loving it for the last year.  If you are interested in getting in on the fun, click on this link and pass some points onto me!