52 Lists and my website works again!

First off, thank you to my biffle for fixing my website!  Adsense was being silly and she made it work again so go her!

She and I are also in the middle of a #bicoastaljuicecleanse.  Just started day three of five and so far, so good!

52 List

Moorea Seal has been doing a #52weeks list since the beginning of the year (and probably last year too and before that!)  And I’ve been tagging along but I keep forgetting to look at it the day she does it but today I did!  You can’t really read it so I will type it out below but this weeks list, week four//list your current and future goals & dreams.

I’ve got a lot floating around so I just picked a few for now:

1.  Reach goal weight
2.  Write a novel
3.  Get married and have a family
4.  Travel
5.  Attend Alt Summit
6.  Be a successful blogger
7.  Find a book club
8.  Pay off debt
9.  Own a house
10.  Plant a garden
11.  Be true to me
12.  Nurture friendships
13.  Be healthy
14.  Be flexible
15.  Find my faith

Lots to work on and I feel that I am working to make good progress this year!