Not Quite Local Living: Country Music Hall of Fame

2014-03-28 13.14.01So one of the things that most surprises people about me is the fact that I am addicted to country  music.  I blame this on a few factors.  The first is when I was a kid, my father and I were at Target and trying to find a cassette tape for my walkman for a road trip we were going on. He picked up Garth Brook’s Ropin’ The Wind and said that he had heard it was good. I was hooked!  Then later when I was living in Israel, my first boyfriend at fifteen was from South Carolina.  He got me listening to The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Anita Cochran–artists I still love today. It’s been all downhill from there! If you go into my iTunes account, you will see show tunes, country music and Israeli rock.  Go figure.

So it was with excitement that I spent the weekend in Nashville, TN, home of country music! And what better place to explore country music than at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

The museum was pretty cool and offered different levels of entrance. We got a discount with my AAA card so paid $20/ticket. This got us into the main exhibit and into the special Reba exhibit.

2014-03-28 13.16.09 2014-03-28 13.24.26


I loved the colors of the sign up above the ticket.

We started in the Reba exhibit.

2014-03-28 13.32.09 2014-03-28 13.29.36

There was a Reba Barbie and knowing how much my girl, Melissa from A Honey Lust loves Barbie, I had to get a picture to her! The Reba exhibit was really cool-pictures of her growing up, images of her at the rodeo, her family and her Hollywood career as well as dresses she’s worn throughout the years.  I especially loved seeing her college diploma–she has a BS in Elementary Education!  Who know?!

Then there were two more floors of exhibits–starting with the early years of country music and bluegrass.  There were tons of old instruments and the clothes they would wear.

2014-03-28 13.41.52

There were even cars of former country stars! Being from California, I think the most surprising thing to me was the impact that Bakersfield, CA had on country music.  I learned that when the great migration happened during the Depression and people were leaving the south and heading west (think The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck), their music and customs were going with them.

2014-03-28 13.47.27

2014-03-28 13.48.22

I also loved the more modern section because those are the artists I listen to and it was fun seeing relics from tours and things like that.  The final room, which I didn’t get a picture of was a round rotunda filled with plaques with pictures of everyone who had ever gotten into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

I definitely enjoyed the museum and would recommend it to anyone visiting Nashville.  Any Nashville places you recommend?