The Night the Lights Went Out

Power Outage & Multiple Candles

I seriously thought that we had underground power! Yesterday afternoon my office closed early because the power kept going off and on due to an incoming windstorm. So we all went home about an hour early. No biggie, I was excited to get home and reheat the enchiladas we had made and get ready for the hot evening plans we had made to watch The Killing (amazing show on Netflix if you are looking for a new one to marathon).

I got home and turned the news on and then the lights went out, flickered, and went out. For six hours. I was more surprised than anything else because I’ve never seen power lines in our neighborhood so I seriously thought we had underground power like both of our parents, who both live five minutes away. We also didn’t have any flashlights, whoops! When I first moved in, I found one in the junk drawer but opened it and saw that the batteries had rusted and leaked so we threw it away and have yet to replace it.

So thankfully, I had tons of candles and I lit a bunch of them and just enjoyed the absolute silence. I think we are so inundated with noise and sound that we don’t realize how powerful silence can be when there is no noise.

Unfortunately in today’s world there are very few times we can truly be isolated with our thoughts and silence but at least for a little bit last night, it was me, my thoughts and some beautiful candles.