Sponsored Post: 4th of July Flower Power! #Bouqlove

I love flowers, I love the smell of them, I love how they look and I love having them in my house. So I was super excited when The Bouqs offered to send me a bouquet of flowers. So The Bouqs was founded by a guy who got his MBA at UCLA (I randomly found this out when my aunt and uncle were visiting and admiring my bouquet and when I mentioned where it came from, my uncle was excited to tell me that it was an alum of UCLA-go Bruins!) The company was founded on the fact that it’s incredibly hard to buy flowers online that come out looking as good as they do in the picture. I have definitely had this experience–living far away from family and loved ones I definitely love the ability to send treats every now and then to let them know that I’m thinking about them and love them. Holidays are an especially great time to send flowers and lo and behold, 4th of July is happening this week! I love to decorate for holidays but often find it hard to have to have decorations for any and every holiday that may or may not happen throughout the year. Therefore, flowers are a great way to add to holiday celebrations. For 4th of July how about a beautiful Red, White and Bouq!

from The Bouqs website

How perfect would these be sitting on your picnic table in your backyard during a Barbecue? I, of course, love flowers and immediately bought a bouquet and a week later, they are still blooming on my kitchen table at home. I also just ordered some flowers to be delivered coming up to someone special. What’s best is the flowers start at a very reasonable $40, which, especially for fresh flowers online, is great! They come conveniently wrapped: 2014-06-24 16.13.11   2014-06-24 16.15.13   And well packaged so that they are in great condition, even coming from South America!  They are beautiful when they first come: 2014-06-24 16.21.32 There are specific directions for best care and are lasting and beautiful still a week later! 2014-06-25 17.53.48 If you are looking for a great gift to send someone, especially when you are living far away, check out The Bouqs for a simple and easy gift! Want to order some flowers: make sure to use this link: https://www.thebouqs.com/en/?sal=539f19ee215552&spop=1


***I received compensation in the form of this bouquet of flowers from the Bouqs but will only recommend products that I feel are worthy of passing on.  Thank you to The Bouqs and Markerly for this opportunity***

On My Bookshelf: The Promise of Stardust

The_Promise_of_StardustReading is one of my passions-ever since I was a little girl, I always escaped into the world of fiction.  Since it is such an important part of my life and because I started blogging about books, I decided I would bring over my book review from my first blog over a little at a time.

I received this book from Librarything.com’s early reviewers.  Over the years, I’ve actually received some very good books through this.  The only thing you have to do after receiving the book is to post a review on their site and anywhere else you may write reviews.  They require that the reviews be a certain length but don’t look at content necessarily.

The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley is a phenomenal novel, and echoing many of the other reviewers, amazing that this is Ms. Sibley’s first novel.  The novel tells the story of a couple who has known each other their entire lives–families are completely intertwined–who are desperate to have a child. Sadly, Elle, the wife, has an accident and is declared brain dead.  Her husband, a surgeon, then discovers that she is pregnant.  The novel then tells the struggle Matt goes through, against his own mother, Elle’s former boyfriend, and society to keep Elle alive long enough to deliver the baby.

One of things that was interesting to me in this novel was the choice of professions that characters in the novel had and how that played in the choices that they made.  Elle was an astronaut and had created a living will when she went into space (which is where the interplay of her ex-boyfriend comes in-he was the one she had given her living will to), Matt is a neurosurgeon who is unable to save his wife from her brain injury.  Matt’s mother is a neo-natal nurse who is pushing for Elle to be taken off machines because of Elle’s own mother’s struggle with, and ultimate death, from cancer.  His mother was also given a copy of a living will from when Elle’s mother died.

This book was extremely well written, full of twists and multiple times I had to put the book down as I was on the subway and didn’t want to cry!